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Origami Warriors

Origami Warriors
Author Jhou Sian Zong
Publisher Taiwan Ching Win
Volumes 22

Origami Warriors (Taiwanese translation: Origami Fighters, Chinese: 摺紙戰士) is a Taiwanese comic book created by Jhou Sian Zong and published by the Ching Win Company. The comic was published in a series of 22 books and followed in 2003 by Origami Fighter Generation.

The anime produce by Korea. It is very different with original (comic).

Origami Fighters opens when Xiao Zhe and two other children come across several pieces of paper and a book showing ways to fold them into different shapes. The material turns out to be an ancient hi-tech gadget that, when folded properly, turns into a Genie. By further contract with the Genie, the folders could transform them self into super human known as "Origami Fighters."

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